Neary Technologies: Innovative and cost-effective sharpening solutions for the Turf Industry.

Neary Technologies was founded in the late 70s by Bob Neary, a former sales manager at Foley United. His goal was to produce and market turf industry products that combined the best known features with well-planned value.

In 1998 Foley purchased the company from the late Bob Neary's family, intent on continuing Neary's dedication to features and value, while providing the quality Foley is known for in the industry. As a result, a select group of employees was formed to focus exclusively on the Neary product line.

Since that time, we've stayed true to this plan of offering two product groups to the market, with different people servicing the customers of each. This plan has worked well for Neary and our customers, with increases in customer satisfaction and market share since the acquisition.

Neary Technologies has made several improvements to the product line since 1998, with ongoing reviews and engineering updates that add value for our customers.We've integrated manufacturing with our state-of-the-art facilities, and our customers enjoy the high quality to value relationship of Neary products.

It's our privilege to continue serving the turf industry with products that surpass their expectations of quality and performance, while staying true to the Neary goals of features and value.

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