Height/Groomer Gauges and Surface Plate

Gauges and Surface Plate

Height Gauge

Accurate to .001 of an inch, the Neary Technologies Height Gauge will accurately set the height-of-cut on all precision cutting units to create the precise settings you want with your equipment. After setting the base bar across the rollers of your mower, simply depress the indicator rod on the gauge and hook the button on the bedknife. The gauge will give you the height of your mower setting.

In addition to eliminating the “feel method” of old adjusting bars, the Height Gauge can also measure front and rear roller defects.

The specially treated aluminum has a built-in, corrosion-resistant finish for long lasting reliability, years of service and durability equal to tool steel.

Surface Plate

The Neary Technologies Surface Plate provides a utility surface for rear roller adjustments, checking bedknife clearance, and detecting frame alignment problems in the natural upright position for optimum quality control. Made of machined aluminum, it has a built-in parallel bar for fast, easy adjustment of the rear rollers.

To adjust the rear rollers, simply set the mower on the surface plate with the reel flush against the parallel bar. Adjusting the rear roller so that it rests against the plate will make it parallel to the reel.


Groomer Gauge

The Groomer Gauge will precisely and consistently set the height of groomers and verticutting units. Made of specially treated and finished aluminum for the durability of tool steel and a corrosion-resistant finish, the Groomer Gauge gives accurate measurements to .001 of an inch.

After setting the bar on the front and rear rollers, with the grooming blades perpendicular to the bar, simply depress the indicator rod until the block touches the blades. The gauge will then provide your measured setting.

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