Introduction of the Model 550SR

February 2001

Neary Technologies announced the introduction of the all new Model 550SR Reel Grinder utilizing patented technology that is only available to Neary Technologies.

The design goal of the engineering group was to design a machine that could be operated in the most simplistic manner, using the theory of the “touch off and grind” methodology, relief grinding in a single set-up, and the ability to provide total quality control through pre-grind set-up gauging. Using the live shaft grinding wheel style, that has been so popular, with the addition of relief capabilities, the engineers were able to provide a quality machine for those who have used varied methods of grinding and maintaining reels. The ultimate design objective that allows the operator to perform any task required for any given situation in the shortest amount of time was achieved with the 550 SR.

This is an entirely new machine from the ground up. The frame is a solid one-piece construction of heavy gage materials that typically are found in machine tool types of machines. The addition of safety guarding also aids in dust and noise control providing a much safer, cleaner and quieter workplace. An all new belt drive traverse system eliminates the maintenance problem of chain drive systems used by competitors. An all new electronics package designed for years of trouble free operation also provides for solid state directional switching eliminating troublesome micro switches. A new tooling system was developed for this machine to provide for alignment and measurement of the reel allowing the operator to pre-gage the reel if desired. A drawer in the front of the machine provides for ease of cleaning and removal of grindings without the complexity of a built in vacuum system.

This machine deserves a close look and evaluation by anyone that is considering the purchase of a new reel grinder. They won’t be disappointed by the quality that they will see and the features that they could have available in such an easy to use package.

More information can be requested from Neary Technologies at 800-233-4973.