Lapping Compound

Reel Lapping Compound

Specially-formulated to backlap reels faster and sharper than ever before, our patented Diamonite and Razor-Sharp lapping compounds are made of a water soluble gel that clings to blades better and cleans up faster.

The pre-mixed compounds use a custom blended polymer to permanently suspend the abrasive silicon carbide grit and increase cutting efficiency. In addition, it also allows the re-softening of dried and hardened residue from prior lapping for easy removal with a garden hose.

Choose from Neary Technologies lapping compounds in a wide variety of grit and sizes:

60 Grit Fast metal removal for fairway mowers
80 Grit Regular maintenance of fairway and green mowers and finish lapping
120 Grit Extra fine finish lapping of green and tee mowers
150 Grit Ultra fine finish lapping of green and tee mowers (Diamonite only)
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