Reel Facts

There are a lot of theories, practices, and misconceptions when it comes to the subject of reels, grinding, and optimum performance. As reel maintenance practices continue to evolve around the world, there is a new trend of understanding that grinding is more than producing a sharp edge. We all spin grind with equal sharp edge results, but maximizing investments have courses everywhere moving toward “re-conditioning” practices that return the reels to “like new” condition. Adjustments are easier, quality of cut is achieved longer, and the ultimate objective of “Optimum Performance” is being realized simply by addressing quality control of the grinding process.

Neary Technologies has compiled some of the most common topics and addressed them on this page.

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  1. What should I expect when I spin grind?
  2. What is Neary Technology's stand on “Spin” vs. “Relief”?
  3. Why do the OEMs include relief on all reels?
  4. Is it a scythe or scissor cut?
  5. Is facing bedknives effective?
  6. How often should I grind?
  7. How long will it take me to grind?
  8. “Reel” World Food for thought
  9. What are the Myths and Facts about Backlapping?